What can I assign to the wheel on an a6000?

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Re: What can I assign to the wheel on an a6000?

GotBilled wrote:

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GotBilled wrote:

I use legacy manual lenses, so having the top wheel adjust aperture is useless.

Is there something useful I can have it do? It feels nice to use, so something useful that I adjust all the time like ISO would be nice. I guess ISO isn't an option, though? What is an option?

I like shutter speed on the back dial where it already is.

It can be set to shutter speed or exposure compensation instead of aperture, from what I see under the custom settings menu on my A6000.

I tried setting it to exposure compensation, but it did nothing. I only ever use manual (M) mode, so I assume exposure compensation is unavailable in that mode.

I just took a look on my camera and you're right. The bottom button on the wheel does work for exposure compensation in manual mode.

Interestingly the top dial reverts from aperture to shutter speed in shutter mode. Or the wheel can be set to exposure compensation. I prefer to use the default setting for exposure compensation on the bottom of the wheel though, and ISO on the right of the wheel. And there is also the function button as another quick access to settings of your choice.

Edit: With a legacy manual lens, shutter mode works like manual mode because you set the aperture on the lens, only the dial works for shutter speed or exposure compensation as you set your custom settings menu to your choice. Perhaps manual mode is for overriding settings on an automatic lens. I'll have to try that since that would make sense of these puzzling camera settings.

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