Shooting C-LOG with 5D IV

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Shooting C-LOG with 5D IV

I just upgraded from a 20D a few weeks ago and I’m getting to know my new 5DIV with c-log. I’ve found plenty of info about shooting stills, but detailed info about shooting c-log with the 5DIV seems sparse. Is there anyone out there actually shooting c-log with the 5Div? i have a few questions. I've been shooting stills for decades (my first SLR was the ORIGINAL film rebel), but serious video shooting is new to me.

How are others metering exposure when c-log is turned on?

Auto exposure features don’t work when c-log is turned on. There are no zebras, and the exposure histogram is not visible when recording. Any I missing something? i feel like this camera has two hands tied behind it’s back when trying to obtain proper exposure while shooting c/log. My approach now is: Before shooting, use the histogram to optimize shutter and aperture. Once recording starts, though, the only thing left (it seems) is to stare at the screen on the back the camera (with View Assist turned on) and guess whether the video screen is drifting too dark or light, and then try to make exposure corrections using the shutter or aperture or possibly lowering ISO below 400 as a last resort.

The method above would seem best when there is little panning, or scenarios in which there are no significant changes in brightness levels. Maybe c-log’s wide dynamic range makes it tolerant to non-optimum exposure when someone uses the guessing game to adjust exposure. However, with c-log turned off, the camera will be good at automatically adjusting to proper exposure. The only scenario where c-log would seem to be highly advantageous would be nearly static scenes of high dynamic range.

Regarding LUTs: I downloaded the LUT pack from Canon and I'm using Davinci Resolve.

There are several LUTs in the pack from Canon. Only 2 of the LUTs work with the 5dIV, right?

Canon Log 10 to Wide DR LUT

Canon Log 10 to ITU-R BT.709 LUT

Davinci Resolve supports 1D and 3D LUTs, but it seems as if with the 5dIV, only the 1D LUTs are supported. Is this correct? And the 1D LUTs are the 2 LUTs listed above, right?

Thank you for any advice.

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