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The only worry that I have at this moment (not knowing what I don't know about C1 yet), is changing from Lightroom's database to something else. I have ALL my images in Lightroom. That's currently 2.3TB and over 358,000 files, including some video.

I can redo this as a catalog for each year, but that sounds like it would make finding files harder if I was trying to search on keywords or other metadata. Does C1 search across multiple catalogs? Can it handle hundreds of thousands of images? Can it handle RAW files from Sony, Canon and Nikon?

So unless you need to re-work the images, just leave them in LR. AFAIK, only the develop and map modules are disabled when your subscription ends.

I also prefer to be able to search my entire catalog, not LR for old stuff and something else for new...

I think C1 can search across catalogs.  Something we have to know since their catalogs seem to be ridiculous in size.  I'd also like to know why.  What on earth is in there to make them so large.  Thumbnails would be stupid to put inside a database...

Since I have a perpetual license for LR, I guess I could switch as best I could to something else (say C1) and if it searches across catalogs, if the search comes up with something that is in LR instead of C1 open LR to find the files.  Very awkward because there would be no way to know if there were LR edits after a PS edit...

Does anybody know if I imagined reading that C1 has an option when they import or before they import to export (in the same directory) every file that has LR edits?  I can't find that reference now.

I'm inclined to stay with LR, but I'm reading so many good things about C1.  At this point I don't do much with LR -- a little pre and a little post but most of the work in PS with plugins.   Maybe with my style of doing a lot of PP C1 would not be as worth the effort for me as someone who does more straight photography...  C1 does have layers...

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