LX100 vs D-Lux typ 109 ... warranty makes the Leica cheap(-er-) !

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Ed B
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Re: LX100 vs D-Lux typ 109 ... build like a tank ...

camfan1 wrote:

Hi Ed B,

You wrote "Sounds like a lot of problems for a three year old camera...".

May seems like it, but as I also indicated I consider most/all of it to be normal wear.

This is of course *not* a (+)5.000 USD Leica Pro camera ... this is a consumer! Pana / Leica hybrid.

It was, IMHO, meant for casual use.

But I took it with me all across the globe under all weather conditions.

Took tens-of-thousands of pics with it in those 2-3 years.

I sure believe few other non-pro cameras would do any better.

It costed me 0 euro to get it reconditioned in those 3 years.

It served me very well indeed.

My former Leica D-Lux 4 / LX3 didn't even need any repair, nor de-dusting, in the 3 years I owned it (similar use), that's true.

Now my beloved 109 is, again, in mint condition (fingers crossed).



Yes, you're right and having it serviced/repaired by Leica after 3-years is impressive.

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