The Boring River / Study in Composition with the 18 prime lens

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The Boring River / Study in Composition with the 18 prime lens

Dear all,

we are debating a lot on prime lenses and the "zoom by feet" etc. Myself triggered a largely discussion about my Berlin shooting approach. In this thread, I'd like to share some shots from this trip: The same subject, the same lens, the same 30-45minutes, the same photographer, but 5 different pics (with two personal favorites).

At this trip, I came to a bridge over the River Spree close to Berlin Central station. I had around half an hour of time until my train departs, so I tried to get something out of this situation.

For sure, the pictures are not perfect, but in terms of composition, it was the best I could do.

Ready for a short walk? So let's start!

#1 This is the initial view without any PP, cropping or whatever. Its boring, and obviously, the 18 is the wrong lens. Getting wider - but no chance for a nice foreground, or getting narrower, picking some details. But this doesn't work.

#2 I moved to the left side, there the nice bow of the bridge is more visible. In that moment a runner was crossing the otherwise empty bridge. It would have been perfect to get her a few steps earlier. But things happen as they do... A certain amount of cropping could help, but I think the shot is nicely balanced as it is. However, this is my favorite daytime shot.

Since now I do not have much of the river in the frame, I went to #3

#3 After some time, the sun was down and the blue hour began. I had no tripod so I had to switch to ISO 1600. I was still on the left side of the river, getting the straight lines towards the bridge. Quite nice, but foreground is lacking something of interest. A 50/60mm would have helped, isolating the Bridge and some Portion of the river. So I went to Nr. 4

#4 There are stairs on the left river side, leading down to the banks. Now I can use the bridge to add some dynamic. Please forgive the technical quality - still had no tripod with me... But this shot seems a bit unbalanced, so I went to No. 5

#5 Finally, I walked a bit under the bridge and used it to create a form from the back to the foreground, in a even more dynamic shape. Shooting RAW helped to recover some of the bridge' structures. My favorite night time shot!

Thanks for looking

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