Shutter Shock & Shopping for Used 2nd Camera Body

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Shutter Shock & Shopping for Used 2nd Camera Body

Wondering if there are there good or obvious best options for a shutter shock-less or shutter shock-minimizing used second camera body?

As a new GX85 owner, who up til now knew only that shutter shock wasn't something I needed to worry a lot about...
... I'm now digging into shutter shock details for real for the first time, as I've started to shop around for a used second camera body (for casual use, point and shoot use by family and friends, and as an M43 system backup)...
A few options have jumped out at me and I'm struggling to navigate the related shutter shock issues:

GX1 -- inexpensive, more extensive physical controls, and I can use the LVF-2 that I have for my LX-7, BUT many reports of it being shutter shock prone, with at least the 12-32mm and 14-42mm PZ (which they often seem bundled with)
>> seems the GX1 shutter shock issue might indeed be a significant consideration, typical of the problem in general?

GM1 -- super portable, more realistically pocketable with a 12-32mm or 14m f2.5 package AND EFCS which, at least shortly around the time of its release was heralded as making shutter shock impossible
>> which then makes me wonder why there 's a further 90% reduction via the new electromagnetic shutter I have on the GX85?

GX850 -- nice size between the GX1 and GM1, 4K photo and GX85-ish menus plus flip up LCD, bit expensive even if I sell the 12-32mm kit lens (have one for the GX85) though worth considering as a 'new' camera option -- BUT based I what can find thus far, it does not seem to incorporate the GX85 "90% reduction in shutter shock" electromagnetic shutter
>> so, without the GX85-type shutter, I'm not clear on how susceptible the GX850 is to shutter shock?

Other Questions / Other Options?

  1. Does EFCS in general and as on the GM1 indeed completely eliminate the possibility of shutter shock, as I've read?
  2. If so is the reason for the electromagnetic shutter on the GX85 to recover some of the functionality lost by EFCS (at least on the GM1 - EFCS seems to impose shutter speed/sync related limitations)?
  3. Are there other Panasonic options you'd recommend for a second camera body -- I'm open to a wide range of options in terms of functionality/sophistication, as long as the size is no larger, ideally a bit smaller/lighter than the GX85 and used cost is under $400 and ideally under $200, also prefer flat-top range finder style and can live without EVF -- for example would a GFC1/2 make sense and how do those fare re shutter shock?
  4. Are there used Olympus options you'd recommend that avoid significant shutter shock issues and meet my criteria in #3 -- as a Pen film camera owner I was initially attracted to the design of the E-P5, but then came across its reputation (deserved or not?) as something of a poster child for shutter shock, so wondering if something like the E-PM1 might be less of an issue or if the E-P5 issue is overblown?

Welcome any pointers or thoughts you might have -- goal is to get a reasonably priced second camera body and avoid having to deal with shutter shock concerns -- also, I recognize there is (and I've read) a lot of discussion on shutter shock, so am glad to dig into links which might help get me further calibrated on this issue to navigate the used camera body market.


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