Gray Market in Europe

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Re: Gray Market in Europe

My experience was mixed. Last month I bought a 24-105L ii from them via eBay (Australia). The lens arrived within a few days, and I tested it out in the garden by taking a few series of photos at various apertures and focla lengths, and then repeating the process with my current 24-105L (original).

I was astounded at how soft the images were on the new lens, especially at 24mm & f4. The original lens is not exactly a benchmark for sharpness (although my copy isn't bad at all), but the new one was noticeably softer even when viewed as Fit-to-screen (no need to go 100%).

I immediately messaged them and said that I wanted to return it because I believed it to be defective. They said I could return it and when I queried them paying return shipping they didn't respond until I sent 2 further reminders. They said they would not cover return shipping because I had changed my mind as the lens was working as intended.

I boxed it up and on the day I posted it I found a reference to a recall from Canon for the 24-105L ii from earlier this year for softness at particularly 24mm & f4.

I sent them the information, and the receipt for the shipping which including tracking & insurance to Hong Kong. They said that the shipping was too expensive.

I claimed the maximum of $45 from the PayPal/eBay return shipping guarantee, and eventually got e-Infinity to refund the lens cost and the balance of the return shipping.

So, in summary;

They appeared to have older stock of the lens (the recall was issued by Canon in March'17).

They at first refused to cover return shipping.

They did eventually come to the party, but it took some perseverance.

Certainly not the worst online/eBay seller I have dealt with, but not without issues either. Their prices are certainly good - not sure I would deal with them again though.


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