FE 85 GM and eye AF accuracy on A9 in AF-C

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FE 85 GM and eye AF accuracy on A9 in AF-C


Have anyone noticed any problems with eyeAF accuracy in lesser good lighting with the 85GM using AF-C  (e.g. 1/200,1.4,ISO12800, EV2 ?)

This weekend I bought an used FE85GM and are a bit disappointed regarding eyeAF accuracy in low light. It tends to miss focus quite often when shooting wide open. I've tested the lens in better light, outside daytime (partly cloudy) and it nails eyeAF perfectly and shows very sharp eyes wide open, so it doesn't seem to be any sharpness problem with my specific lens.

I've tested it on my most typical usage: candid portraits on grandchild, head or head+shoulder, so it's quite close up shoots and thereby very narrow DOF.

I bought this lens to see if it could replace my Nikon AF-S 105/1.4E, which I adapt to my A9, beforehand my concerns were that the difference in focal length and maybe rendering would stop me from doing that, I however never even thought that eyeAF accuracy would be an issue, actually I took for granted that AF would be better with the native lens.

As I see it now, the better eyeAF accuracy on the Nikon lens with Commlite adapter more than trumps the hazzle of size/weight and adapter fw-stability. I'll however continue to evaluate, since I so far have very limited time of usage/test.

I realize that it could boil down to an AF-speed issue, 85GM isn't the fastest, however I'd not say that 105/1.4E is known for that neither, also my usage case is a child sitting on a chair, though not posing , but not running either..

Kind Rgds,


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