Why Focal Lenght doesn't matter - A Prime Lens Travel Challenge at Berlin

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Re: Why Focal Lenght doesn't matter - A Prime Lens Travel Challenge at Berlin

confused circle wrote:

Bill Ferris wrote:

confused circle wrote:

Bill Ferris wrote:

The thread title states, "focal length doesn't matter." Of course, focal length does matter

No, it doesn't. Why not? Because of your very own words.

If you're going to quote me, please have the simple courtesy to not take my word or if context. Here's what I wrote in the subject:

...select your favorite two or three photos from the first shoot, return to Berlin with the same camera but a very different focal length (shorter or longer by at least 50%) lens and recreate the photos. If you follow through on attempting to recreate your favorite shots with a different focal length, I predict you [won't] be able to reproduce those images. They might be close or about the same, but they won't be exact reproductions. Focal length does matter.

If you want to challenge the above, you can easily prove me wrong by photographing the same building exterior using the same camera and two very different focal lengths.

If I want to challenge what you wrote, I will merely cite what you wrote. You are jousting with a strawman for some unknown reason. You have already mentioned the point the OP was making, twice, yet still choose to argue an entirely irrelevant one.

The criteria I set in my original comment was a difference of at least 50% in focal length. You will not be able to make identical photographs using the same camera and two different focal lengths.

And no one is claiming they can, or would even try in the "Berlin Challenge." Again, you are setting forth criteria wholly different from the OP, to challenge a matter not brought up by the OP.

Notice the subtle changes in the relative position of identifiable details, due to the change in perspective.

Notice the pictures the OP has posted. Notice the subtle changes in them being in different places at different times with different compositions taken for different effect.

You cannot exactly reproduce an image of a recognizably three-dimensional scene using the same camera but a different focal length.

And the OP made no attempt to.

Yes, the thread title is commonly understood to mean that focal length doesn't affect the outcome of an exposure.

I was unaware that "A prime lens travel challenge at Berlin" meant that. You want to complain about lost context, yet completely ignore the context, the very crux, of what the OP presented.

However, I would suggest a more careful choice of words in future posts. The last thing a person wants to do when sparking a discussion is present a carelessly-worded question or scenario that inaccurately sets the table for the subject to be discussed.

I would suggest reading more than the title to a topic, such as the first few words in the post that admit the title was provocative.

Yea, seriously - this isn't even an argument that should be happening. The OP made sense, wanted to see if anyone else likes to take the single lens challenge.

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