Blast from the past; my start with digital

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Re: Blast from the past; my start with digital

seri_art wrote:

It was 2002 and a friend brought his A20 to my barbecue and shot a bunch of pics. I was impressed by the instant gratification, even with the very small screen, and the ability to quickly send photos by email. I soon bought an A40 for an upcoming trip to Canada, then decided I needed a G2 instead. As they say, the rest is history. These are from that A20 way back then. I'd say not bad at all, even for today, straight out of camera (reduced a bit in size).

The G2 was my first digital camera and then, sometime in late 2003, when I decided to actually make the switch to digital I bought a 10D.

Those earlier digital cameras were pretty darn good.

Canon G2

Canon 10D

The 10D was pretty expensive back then. I think I paid about $1500.00 for it but I already had lenses and a couple of flashes from my film cameras so at least didn't have to spend extra money.

One of my lenses was a Sigma 28-70 2.8 EX lens and it wouldn't work on a DSLR but Sigma re-chipped the lens for free so I made out okay.

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