Best general lens for 80D?

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Re: Best general lens for 80D?

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Tom Holly wrote:

Yep, a great lens. The 15 is significantly wider, and the 85 significantly longer. The only problem is it's a slow zoom.

The 5.6 aperture is, indeed, the unfortunate drawback of this otherwise terrific lens. (That is likely the cost of such a wide focal and versatile focal range.) Having said that, for family and travel use (the OP's purpose), it's fine, especially for the 80D and it's competent high ISO capability.

I just picked up the SL2 (partly because of your recommendation) and I used to have the 15-85.

I wish I still did! That lens was great, but unfortunately I sold it when I went full frame.

I still have the old 18-55 V1 from the t2i- horrible.

Got the 24mm pancake- great

40mm 2.8 pancake, 50mm f1.8STM- Ok

16-35 F4- Really great, just a bit short.

24-105 F4 V1- Meh, not the greatest, but I may need to bring it when I travel for the longer range.

I will say that the SL2 lightens my carry on bag a lot, so long as I don't succumb to the heavier lenses!

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