Mini-Challenge #480 The Color “Green” Pt. 2 Continuation

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Exhibit: Re: Mini-Challenge #480 The Color “Green” Pt. 2 Continuation

More  Green:

While hiking yesterday through the 'jungles' that line the Mississippi, I chanced upon a dry arm where I previously (in spring) could not advance because it was too deep and full of water from the spring floods.

More than that: in what seemed to be the deepest spot of the side-arm, there was a graveyard of around 20 fish and as many large mussels who had been cut off from the river main and ended their lives right there on the now dry cracked river bed. Poor beasts.

Look at the color of the branch that lay across one carcass, forming a cross of sorts... and the dried out moss of the earth, green, green. All natural, death and decay and - of course - some other critters had a fishy feast ... too.

A6300 again, Sigma 60mm f/2.8 e-lens, 1/160 sec, f/5.6, 400 ISO, sunny by luck. Hand held

I found this deepest place by chance: I had no been able to find my compass, so I crossed over from atop the 30 foot levee towards the flowing river M as far and fast as I could tell. This took me 50 minutes to cover the distance of only about 1/2 on the map; in the melee of downed, drowned, and flood piled trees and bushes. Then on the way back I came out 30 yards further east  than where I had crossed the  dry creek on the way in: And there was the graveyard of fish and mussels.

Lucky me, unlucky them.

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