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Re: E-M10.2 digital ESP metering

Werner Gansz wrote:

I have some confusions about ESP metering..

1. When I point my 10.2 at a typical sunny day landscape scene using area (ESP) metering, even small changes in position cause dramatic changes in exposure. It acts more like a center weighted metering than area or matrix metering. I am constantly adjusting exp comp for every scene, sometimes by as much as +/- 1.7 EV. I come from Nikon DSLRs where exp comp was normally zero or +/-.3 EV and I only had to change under extreme lighting conditions. Is this typical or is there some other setting that affects the metering?

Not sure if you were using Nikon APS-C with ADL on ?.....in general I found that the ADL algorithm along with the superior DR of the sensor (D5000 & D5100) gave easy and balanced exposures outside when there was extreme lighting.....for low light or flash though had to be off.

2. When exposing raw files for ETTR the ESP metering is setting exposure at least 1 EV low, sometimes 2 EV low. When setting exposure for ETTR the EVF view is washed out. I found out how to bias the meter in the menus and added 1 EV. That helped but is that typically necessary? I thought cameras usually meter for full raw exposure and then reset the midtones when creating jpgs. It seems like ESP metering is leaving a couple of EV of dynamic range on the table.

I also find that in extreme lighting I often need to correct exposure with 1 or 2 stops negative....I think it's simply the result of two things....Oly mft sensor simply has less DR and the ESP metering algorithm tends to favor shadows......I personally find the Oly Hi Lo exposure modes useless so I do as you indicate with neg EC

In older FT bodies with 10 MP sensor (E-510 & E-520) the ESP could be tied or weighted to the AF point,but haven't seen that option on mft.

Hope that helps !

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