Why Focal Lenght doesn't matter - A Prime Lens Travel Challenge at Berlin

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Re: Why Focal Lenght doesn't matter - A Prime Lens Travel Challenge at Berlin

Bill Ferris wrote:

The thread title states, "focal length doesn't matter." Of course, focal length does matter

No, it doesn't. Why not? Because of your very own words. In the very same post.

focal length isn't a barrier to creativity

a good photographer can be creative and capture a good image of a scene with just about any focal length.

What else conveys that? the original post

If this was the intended message of the person who started the thread, the original post doesn't effectively convey that.


markusw wrote:

Ok, the title is a bit provocing... but we do discuss that FL questions so many times which is fun on one-hand side, but doesn't hit the point as long as we talk about photography as a way to develop and express creativity and not just try to reproduce something.

Developing and expressing creativity, not reproducing something. And to this opening line, you recommend he go out with two different focal lengths... and attempt to reproduce something.

My idea on this is that the tool will boost creativity, and if you are out with just a single lens, at least I focus myself better on the situation instead on my gear. So I am not fiddling getting the right prime or zoom around to get the best picture from my current position. Instead of this, if a Frame doesn't work with a given FL, I analyze what's wrong and try to solve it out. But that's personally, just my experience how I can work best.

The focus is on capturing good framing, no matter the focal length/angle of view.

So I decided to take the challenge and set up a small experiment. I have the opportunity to travel to Berlin two times in this week, each time having some 90 minutes for walking and shooting. Once in the morning, once in late afternoon. Once at Berlin Mitte (I had an appointment close to the German Parliament), once walking from Alexanderplatz to the River Spree. Once with the 35, once with the 18. Once last Friday, once this afternoon. All shot in RAW, edited and cropped in LR (4000px size at the long side should remain) to taste.

Two different times of day, locations, and focal lengths. Yet again, your measure of value in focal lengths? Recreating the exact same images. That runs fully counter to the OP. And really, to the point of multiple focal lengths to begin with.

There's a difference between looking for a shot and having one in mind.

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