Why Focal Lenght doesn't matter - A Prime Lens Travel Challenge at Berlin

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Re: Why Focal Lenght doesn't matter - A Prime Lens Travel Challenge at Berlin

Bill Ferris wrote:

If you want to confirm that focal length doesn't matter, select your favorite two or three photos from the first shoot, return to Berlin with the same camera but a very different focal length (shorter or longer by at least 50%) lens and recreate the photos. If you follow through on attempting to recreate your favorite shots with a different focal length, I predict you went be able to reproduce those images. They might be close or about the same, but they won't be exact reproductions. Focal length does matter.

However, if you also allow yourself some time to photograph original scenes with the second lens, I predict you'll find that you can be creative with that other focal length. So, while focal length does matter, a good photographer can make creative images with just about any focal length.

I kinda think you either have this "test" backwards or are repeating what the OP has stated. He's not trying to recreate the 35mm photos with the 18mm. He's going to shoot original scenes with the second lens, and has already planned to. The meaning of the title appears to be that he's going to get good shots with both focal lengths because it doesn't matter which one is mounted to his camera. In that, focal length is not a restriction or a specific recipe to be followed. I wonder if any photographer has ever said, "I wanted to get some good street shots, but I just didn't have the right focal length to capture anything of interest."

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