Viewsonic monitor and laptop with displayport connection not getting signal

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Re: Viewsonic monitor and laptop with displayport connection not getting signal

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Try a DisplayPort to HDMI cable as suggested. That is what I use for an old Dell Desktop that has VGA and DisplayPort and it works fine. Both DisplayPort to DVD or DisplayPort to HDMI work fine.

Does you laptop have miniDisplayPort or full DisplayPort?

The laptop has the full DisplayPort. The monitor connector is the mini port.

Both speak DisplayPort? Just get a DisplayPort to MiniDisplayPort cable.

Don't waste your time with this OP, who refuses to make it clear just what his connection options are, or what connection methods he has tried.

WryCuda, do you know how to read?

As a refresher, here's my OP again.

My wife has a HP laptop and has been using en external monitor for years (VGA connection).

I purchased a Viewsonic monitor as a replacement.

My connection options are displayport or USB. That's all the laptop has, in addition to VGA.

Neither connection sends a signal to the monitor.

Should this be plug-and-play or are there settings I need to tweak?

I tried rebooting and there is still no signal to the monitor.

Thanks in advance as I am heading out of town for the weekend.

The above says all that is needed.

The only option left is a VGA to HDMI converter, since all other suggestions do not work.

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