ACDsee 10 (for Glen Barrington)

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ACDsee 10 (for Glen Barrington)

This is mostly for Glen, as he is the expert on all things ACDsee. However, I cannot send a PM yet because I just set up an account, so starting a thread. Maybe it will be of interest to others considering ACDsee.

I am a long-time user of Lr, and have had the Photo subscription since it started. I feel it is a good good deal, personally, and don't have a problem with the cost/value aspect.

OTOH, I have never liked Abode or their approach to things (don't *even* get me started on Acrobat and PDFs in general), and have never really liked Lr. It does what I need, but I just don't like its approach to things. I especially dislike the catalog functions, for what I need, and the controls are all tiny and hard to read. Plus it tends to be buggy in my experience. I have been interested in other options for a long time, but there is so much out there on Lr and Ps when I need to learn something, and again, I feel the cost is very reasonable, especially with the continuous updates.

However, these new changes to Lr have come out pretty much the same day that I got an email that my Photo subscription is up 21 November. So I spent last night and today seriously looking into alternatives. One of the apps I downloaded and tried was ACDsee 10, and I really like it in many, many ways. For what I do now, that would take care of like 99% of all my Lr/Ps needs, and I also bought Affinity for the serious, hardcore stuff (wow, the documentation and support on it is the opposite of Ps, almost nothing available! but it is cheap and powerful, lol).

Sorry for the long set up...HERE IS THE ACTUAL QUESTION:

Pretty much everything I need and used in Lr is there somewhere in ACDsee, EXCEPT Camera Calibration. I have done a lot of googling of camera calibration, camera profile, color profile, everything I can think of, and cannot find a way to do this in ACDsee.

Honestly, this could very much be a deal-breaker for me. I use this a LOT in Lr, it is so easy with the Xrite Colorchecker. OTOH, I don't really find this in any of the other converters I am considering, either (C1 is out the question, too expensive and too many things I don't need), so perhaps I am out of luck outside Lr or C1.

Is there a way to do this in ACDsee? Or a workaround to get accurate colors? I know a lot of time we are just processing to what looks good, but there a lot of times when we want things to look like they actually look. I do a little product photography, and for sure I do in those cases.

I am going to contact ACDsee support also, but I have pretty low hopes there. I think if any one knows the way to do this, it would be Glen!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any help anyone can give me!


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