Olympus Tough TG-5, my first impressions...

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Olympus Tough TG-5, my first impressions...

Hi all, I’d like to share my first thoughts about the Oly TG-5 if of some interest.

I’m not a geek nor an expert, and my main shootings are “street genre” (80%). As well I’m a jpeg only shooter and also not a pixel peeper…

Since about 2 months I’ve been looking for a truly pocketable P&S still camera to carry “anywhere at anytime” and truly tough as well, with no fear to damage it by moving or running roughly or knocking a wall/rock or being caught under a heavy rain shower on my bike… or even spilling on it some beer, coffee or sauce while having fun with friends at a bar or a restaurant. In a few words: well built, no bag or pouch, tough, inconspicuous… and good outputs.

I looked at several cameras, several brands and models especially in m4/3 and 1 inch sensor ranges. I was lucky to be able to briefly handle some of those in stores here, and they all really were appealing to me thanks to their IQ and features, but tough and truly pocketable, not so IMO. From my point of view, with a zoom lens, only the TG-5 was truly pocketable AND truly tough…

At the end, and despite its much smaller sensor, I decided to purchase a TG-5: you only know what’s the beast once you have to “cope” with it in flesh . I confess it was a “by default buy” and was at first a bit skeptical. But after some days of play, wow, what a great little camera this TG-5 is, for what I want to do with. Nice IQ and easy to use once I was able to figure how the settings work (not difficult at all), inconspicuous in black for sure, truly pocketable (at ease in my cargo pants), and tough, yes: no more worries how and when to carry it anywhere. Though it will never replace my m4/3 gear for a dedicated photo session of course…

Slim and small as you can see here along with my abused EM-5 (+ Oly 25 f/1.8) and my average smartphone:

In hand it’s just like a toy camera:

Specs and pictures of the TG-5 are all over the Internet so I’ll not go into that. I’ll rather go step by step through posts with pics about what I’ve especially noticed…

Also, no underwater nor video tests as these are not my things, sorry...

Olympus TG-5
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