Storage & Backup Solutions: does NAS make sense?

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Storage & Backup Solutions: does NAS make sense?

Top of the morning!

I'm curious to hear others' opinions of using Network Attached Storage (NAS) for files in terms of a solution for storage, backup, and access.

I do a fair bit of photography for the artchitecture firm I work for in addition to my own adventures and the occassional side job. At the moment, I have this storage workflow:

  1. Import photos from SD card to small internal SSD via Lightroom at home PC.
  2. Once post production is complete, export JPEGS to same folder; sync with Lightroom mobile.
  3. Copy JPEGS to OneDrive for Business folder so I have easy access to the files at my office in order to upload them to my firm's content management system for their use.
  4. Once the small SSD begins filling up (which is very frequently) move folder containing both the RAW and JPEG files to larger interal HDD.

So that's my workflow. SSD provides speed, HDD provides longer term storage, OneDrive provides cloud backup and off site access, Lightroom mobile is just another way to access off site and reference shots I'm going back to get again.

However, pretty much all these avenues are maxed out. SSD and HDD are full, and due the the way OneDrive duplicates everything as a cache within the windows folder, those drives are filling up as well.

So I'm leaning towards an NAS solution to replace the internal HDD for longer term storage and replace OneDrive for backup and off site access and sharing.

If you utilize an NAS solution how does it work for you? How do you create off site cloud backup? Is this a good longer-term solution, or should I just plug another internal HDD into my tower and keep using cloud-based services like OneDrive?

Lastly, I've been looking into this device per a recommendation along with these drives .

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