Heart Nebula from my backyard, second try ever

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Heart Nebula from my backyard, second try ever

Hi all, 
this is me and my friend's second try ever with a deep sky object.
Taken at the end of Summer, moonless night, from my backyard (yellow on pollution scale). 
Equipment is the same vintage Tamron 80-210 f4 and a stock Nikon 5100 on a Star Adventurer with no guiding.
I initially wanted to avoid emission nebulas and do The Triangulum instead, but with this short focal length there isn't much choice, so here we are.
I planned to include the Soul Nebula aswell but we failed something apparently.
About 25 lights, 120 seconds exposure at 800 ISO, 180ish mm and f4, no darks, no flats etc. (I wanted experiment, to push my Star Adventurer tracking and see how it goes). 
Processed in Lightroom, DSS and Photoshop.
I did a lot of experiment in processing, it was a big challenge to even manage to pull out anything at all from the initial stack and took effort and many tries, I can't really do much better at my level.

Any criticism and tips appreciated. 
Thank you

Flat view
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