Is there a diference between full f-numbers and ISO's and incrementals?

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Is there a diference between full f-numbers and ISO's and incrementals?

In F-numbers there are F1.4-F2.0-F2.8-F4.0-F5.6-F8.0-F11-F16-F22

and incrementals like F3.2- F3.5- F4.5- F5.0- F6.3 -F7.1- F9.0 - F10-F13-F14--F18-F20....

Same in ISO's the main steps are 100-200-400-800-1600-3200-6400----

incrementals: 125-160-250-320-500-640-1000-1250-2000-2500-4000-5000-------

Is there a fysical or electronic difference in those full stops/steps and the 1/3 one's in new camera's?

That for instance a incremental gives less IQ then a full stop/step?

IF not would it be electronic possible to make ISO and Aperture step-less?

(don't know if or why some one want this but just for theory sake.)

In the mechanical time the F-numbers where notches in witch the limiter of opening the blades/leafes of aperture ring was placed so that by opening it stopped at the desired opening. I don't think that now a days there is a physical notch to get the limiter placed.

(don't dear to open up a modern lens to see but the fact that the aperture ring is electronic and limitless is a good sign of also electronic steps of aperture-leafes.)

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