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Re: My feedback (continued)

cna wrote:

- I cannot find a way to list in the import screen, only the new photos that have not been already imported( feature that exists in LR). No problem when you import all photos from a directory; can however be a problem when you add a single picture to an already imported directory;

I think you can do this the same way as in LR, by right-clicking the folder and choosing "Synchronize".

- C1 lacks some LR integrations features ; f.e. in LR when you want to edit a photo through an external application/plug-in (from time to time I use Nik) , you can request that edit takes place directly on the existing file (for TIFF files); in C1, every time you edit you photo through an external editor, it creates another copy (at least, that is current my perception)

Study the difference between the Edit With and the Open With commands in C1.

- In LR, when you create a file copy for editing through an external app, LR can automatically add a suffix to the newly created file; this feature does not seem to exist in C1 ; you have to manually modify the file name

Use output recipes for that and then synchronize the folder for the tiff/psd to appear alongside your raw.

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