Better IQ MFT camera to buy alongside GM1

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Better IQ MFT camera to buy alongside GM1

I am planning on buying a second, "bigger, better" camera for my family trips, alongside the Lumix GM1. The tiny GM1 is really great for our trips, along with several (kit 12-32 pancake zoom, 20 f/1.7, 45 f/1.8 Olympus, and the fun Olympus f/8 fisheye pancake). I get a bunch of great photos each time, and ISO 6400 comes in handy when I am trying to shoot in low light with the f/8 fisheye.

However, there are those obvious shortcomings: lack of EVF and better dials, low max flash sync, low max mechanical shutter. So, long story short, I thought of buying something like the OM-D E-M10 and keeping the GM1 as the backup camera so that both my wife and I can have a separate camera during the trips). Perhaps use the 20mm f/1.7 prime on the GM1 and a zoom lens on the new camera.

However, I was slightly surprised that, since my purchase of GM1, sensor quality and resolution didn't seem to improve at all (or improved marginally, and I don't see it). It's no doubt MFT sensors beat the crap out of point and shoot cameras and smartphones, but with the kit lens indoor I often need to use ISO 3200 if I want to get any reasonable shutter speed, and people's faces tend to smear at those sensitivities (ok, for shooting small kids indoors, it seems I would need to have an 8-figure ISO). It's 2017, and I remember a5100 with a 24.3MP APS-C sensor was available in 2014 when I bought the GM1?

So I went on to compare GM1 to E-M10 at high ISO: [GM1] vs [E-M10] vs [X-T20] vs [D850] (Nikon D850 added for reference, Fujifilm X-T20 for APS-C comparison), and then it turned out E-M10 even has more chroma noise than GM1? I tried to compare the "flagship" E-M1 and GX8, but they seem to give very similar results (text seems to be the most readable in the GM1 case).

So now I am in a bit of a dilemma:

  1. Should I just buy E-M10, because that's the best I can get anyway?
  2. Is there perhaps a better MFT camera I can buy pre-owned that I am overlooking?
  3. Wait for a better MFT sensor to come out (will this ever happen, and will this be a flagship model that's too expensive though)?
  4. Switch to some other APS-C system (something like Fuji X-T20 or Sony A6000)?

I still want to keep the weight and size of the camera low of course, because that's the whole point of not using a DSLR (I would even consider a full-frame Sony a7 to be near-entry-DSLR in weight).

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