Looking at LR CC and LR Classic from a verticle market integration viewpoint

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Looking at LR CC and LR Classic from a verticle market integration viewpoint

Some thoughts on Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic. Perhaps these should have been nameed, Lightroom standard and Lightroom advanced. As we all know the advanced camera markets are selling fewer cameras and the PS cameras as a market have collapsed.

As a marketer, I see adobe doing something that the camera companies failed to do. Like those earlier users of Kodak cameras in the early 20th century, cellphone users are the mass producers and consumers of photography. LightroomCC (mobile) is a brilliant move to vertically consolidate image software penetration into the largest users of photographic devices – cellphone users. That doesn’t mean an abandonment of their current customer base – professionals and amateurs.

Until I got my S7 edge I had no interest in ever taking an image with my phone. Yet, while on vacation a couple of weeks ago not only did I take images with my cell phone (even though I had a camera with me) I actually processed them using LR mobile and PSlte.

It became clear, to me, that while a cellphone is not a luxury in today’s society, advance cameras most certainly are. How many amateurs/professionals learned photography first on a 110, second hand camera, or more recently a PS?

When Eastman invented the Kodak camera he brought affordable photography to the masses. Cellphones have done that and more. I can see a young person just starting out with a passion for photography buying a slightly better phone due to the camera ( the cost difference between a ok camera and a very good camera cellphone is just about the cost of a PS camera) . However besides using the included software on the phone how does that person become a serious photographer or artist?

Adobe owns the art world in software, no question about it. Their software IMHO is very good. They were giving LR mobile away as well as PSLTE (maybe they still are on Android and Apple phones). So why not capitalize on products that help those who use cell phones find convenience and power to modify cell phone images and store them off the phone with no computer? Did using Adobe products not empower you to full your creative visions? Why not for the cellphone world where expensive computers with many terabytes of local storage is most likely the norm?

As a marketer who retired at 55, I believe this vertical integration of markets from the cellphone users to the professional photographer/graphic art world is a brilliant strategic movie. Once you’ve built a vertical market you are stronger against all competition and you can expand your products within each niches of the vertical market. Word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool, and I believe the advance amateurs of the art and the photographic world are not only a profitable income stream for Adobe but are also a driving force for market awareness.

I think the naming of the LR products could have been better but for new market penetration with the cellphone user market, the new product had to have resonance with the brand. LR professional for the standalone would have been a better choice.

But in the end, a percentage of the users of the cloud product will users more and more of the Adobe product line. And the 500 pound Gorilla Legend for the company is Photoshop. They will keep the majority of the PS users happy IMHO.

I still believe that the Photoshop/LR package is one of the most amazing tools price/performance wise in photography ever. I don’t only Adobe stock nor am I an employee, only an Adobe product user who highly values the product and a marketer who retired at 55 who believes that Adobe brings real value to the integrated vertical markets of imaging software.

Interested in your take on this.

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