Capture 1 Pro 10 - Thoughts, Sessions and Catalogs

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Capture 1 Pro 10 - Thoughts, Sessions and Catalogs

Since the recent Lightroom releases (CC / Classic) I have been wondering if it's a good time to give Capture 1 a try considering the path I fear Adobe may be heading down.  After installing the trial version of Capture 1 I ran it through my workflow scenarios and have come away pleasantly surprised with the results.

A few things I like:

- custom layouts and toolsets (I've got mine close to the Lightroom develop module for my own comfort)

- High Dynamic Range slider - I think it handles blown whites better than LR

- Custom shortcuts

- Color balance tool (just like the layout of this one)

- Adjustment brushes are layered

Things I don't like or miss from LR:

- Adjusting brush size is a pain

- Auto mask doesn't work as well

- Can't apply presets to brushes (or I can't figure it out)

- miss History

- miss Snapshot

- Can't find my lens profile

- messy / confusing DAM

Now maybe I've overlooked some things or haven't found the proper way to use C1 but in the end I was very pleased with the quality of my export. (maybe even a touch sharper)

Now the big question for those that have migrated from LR to you prefer Sessions or Catalogs?  I understand the difference between the 2 but what is your workflow.

I'm thinking of running it in Catalog mode with a new catalog for every year.  I probably don't shoot as much as most people but once I delete my unwanted files, I'm averaging my keepers to be around 8000 images per year.

Is this the smart way to go or should I break it down further to smaller sessions?

Will the catalog slow down with these amounts of images in them?

Does C1 create a backup catalog in case my singular giant catalog gets corrupted?

Is C1 catalog corruption something I should worry about as I've never had any issues with LR.

I'd love to hear some opinions from former LR users and maybe by years end I'll either make the switch or sign back up with Adobe.


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