Oct 21: FE100-400mm Osprey and Hawk BIFs, Gator, & Friends

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Oct 21: FE100-400mm Osprey and Hawk BIFs, Gator, & Friends

Continuing right along with the wildlife and bird postings - the following shots were taken around both Green Cay wetlands and the finally open again Wakodahatchee wetlands, which opened the first week of October after being down a month from hurricane Irma's passing.  All of these shots were taken on October 7th - the first 9 shots taken at Wakodahatchee with no teleconverter attached, and the last 6 shots taken at Green Cay with the 1.4x teleconverter attached.

I finally got a few BIF opportunities with the big lens and TC - things should become notably better in that regard as winter season comes on, and nesting begins...that's when we get a lot more BIFs - I had been going nuts looking for something flying to shoot since I got this lens!

All shots taken with the A6300 and FE100-400mm, and some with TC as mentioned, and all posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals:

The small but beautifully colored northern parula - another of the migrating/wintering birds passing through - he was quite far away and out in a wetlands island, so I really wasn't expecting to shoot a perching bird at the time, since they're usually in the thick forest groves!

A red-shouldered hawk buzzed past me, calling out noisily the whole time - it was defending its territory from another hawk nearby

There's a song with a line about 'hawk making lazy circles in the sky'...but it left out the 'noisily while squawking and calling'!

Apparently, this was fly-and-make-noise day - and all the birds seemed to have gotten the memo - including this double-crested cormorant who came fast at me calling out the entire way

While passing a pine tree, I got a surprise visit by this black-and-white warbler, who came circling around the trunk of the tree and gave me the eye

If you're intention was to walk down this grass levee, you'd find this sunning alligator to be a rather formidable gatekeeper - pass on the left and risk the teeth, and pass on the right to risk that thick powerful tail!

Swooping out of the reeds down low by the water, this hawk was chasing after a small bird of some kind - the bird got away, but I managed a shot of the hawk as he swept up off the waterline

An osprey almost directly overhead, in a clear blue sky

As they fly over, the head is constantly on a swivel, and those piercing yellow eyes are looking for fish just below the surface

Now, I had switched back to Green Cay wetlands, and also decided to stick the 1.4x TC on the lens for this leg of the walk...

Ironically picking up almost exactly where I left off at the last park - I saw this osprey coming in for a landing in a nearby tree from about 200 feet away - had to do a little cropping as well, but caught some good poses as he stretched out to land

And this is why ospreys are nightmare monsters to fish - just get a look at those nasty talons, in this case out to grab a branch, but those same tools used to nab large fish right out of the water and to their demise

And touchdown!

Back in the tree canopy, I came across this little white-eyed vireo - his eye wasn't quite white yet, so probably a juvenile...and it was also completely missing its tailfeathers!  ISO5000 in the shade and with the F8 aperture

The missing tail didn't seem to be bothering him at all - he was still bouncing all around, eating well, and even flying...he just might not stop quite as elegantly without that tail brake, and loses a bit of maneuverability in the tight turns until he can get some back

This prairie warbler showing off its lovely yellow-and-black patterns while mixing it up with the white eyed vireo - all the species cooperate during migration, often hanging out together, feeding around eachother, and so on - very little fighting goes on

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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