When is enough enough?

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When is enough enough?

We get many and ask many questions about purchasing new gear. Often the OP or we are looking for advise on new gear as a way to improve our photographs.

With the gear available today often the current gear we are using is capable of producing world class results and certainly world class results have been obtained with much less capable gear.

So whilst the new purchase may well bring a technical improvements ,do we really need to be on the constant upgrade bandwagon when what we should really be doing is asking ourselves what do we really to do to improve our photography?

Are we too eager to upgrade or recommend upgrades when we should really looking within an asking what is the real problem with our photographs.

The constant upgrades could certainly limit us with regards to really learning how to use what we already have as we don't get to learn the gear inside out before we move onto the next great thing.

How do others feel about this, how many of us are really honest with ourselves when we think of buying new gear.

Do we really consider that maybe we our the weakest link in our photography and if we really took the time to learn and master our craft then we may not need the new piece of gear.

I'm interested in others thoughts on this. I can honestly say that my gear doesn't limit me and likely won't for a long time but that sometimes doesn't stop me from wanting the next new thing.

Do we sometimes get caught up in the hype around a new product, especially when reviewer will hype about certain products being a game changer.

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