Advice on long road trip...

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Re: Advice on long road trip...

I would go to Zion on the way to Louisiana.  80 to Salt Lake, 15 down to Zion, 15 to 40, 40 to Amarillo, Hwy 287 out of Amarillo to Decatur TX, take 380 to avoid DFW metro area to Hwy 69 south to I-20 above Tyler, 20 to Louisiana.  You can reverse the trip returning to Albuquerque north out of Albuquerque to Shiprock, then north from 4 corners to Bryce, etc.  You will go through a lot of small towns in TX, but the speed limit on the country roads is usually 70-75 and most folks are going faster.  I've driven that route many times, Shiprock and Farmington are two of my favorite places, but I always took 19 north through Cortez CO, before cutting across into Utah.  gc

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