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The only worry that I have at this moment (not knowing what I don't know about C1 yet), is changing from Lightroom's database to something else. I have ALL my images in Lightroom. That's currently 2.3TB and over 358,000 files, including some video.

Yeah I know it's a daunting process. I'm really glad I never bought into Adobe's philosophy of the single catalog.

I can redo this as a catalog for each year, but that sounds like it would make finding files harder if I was trying to search on keywords or other metadata. Does C1 search across multiple catalogs?

C1 can actually open multiple catalogs at once. Search across multiple catalogs i kinda doubt.

If you want to split your catalog I'd do it by events. Of course I don't know if that's even feasible for you but it might make searching so much easier. If your metadata is good on a Mac you can also easily search at Finder level. No idea about Windows though.

Can it handle hundreds of thousands of images?

Officially there is no limit on the number of images in a single catalog. But I don't know about performance with the many shots you have.

Sorry not to be more specific but I have only been testing it for a while now. I'm committed to making the switch from LR but I need to find time to get my catalogs actually transferred over.

Can it handle RAW files from Sony, Canon and Nikon?


Hit up their youtube channel. It's really good.

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