LX100 vs D-Lux typ 109 ... warranty makes the Leica cheap(-er-) !

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LX100 vs D-Lux typ 109 ... warranty makes the Leica cheap(-er-) !

Hi all,


My Leica D-Lux typ 109 was repaired/cleaned for a second time in 3 years, completely for free.

As I read here some people may have problems when their LX100 has a dust issue (or other) my experience with Leica repair/warranty service may be of value.

Since I use my D-Lux *very* much (far over 20.000 pics in less than 3 years) it may not be unusual for cheap cameras (not meant for pro use) to exibit signs of wear.

I returned my Leica 109(LX100) just before my 3 free years of free repairs+cleaning were over.

The camera just got returned to me today.

What was done to it, 100% for free :

- Cleaning of CCD (2 dust spots)

- repair of zoom lever

- complete replacement of the Diopter (EVF, wheel etc)

- Eyecup replacement

- control of all other parts

- complete cleaning of the camera

- test-demo unit while under repair

- return in a black Leica box (yes ... even with the red dot on it :-))

IMHO it is, again, as good as new and I sure hope to keep it that way till, one nice day, an LX200 / type 209 (?) is born !

Without the 3-year Leica warranty my camera (if it were an LX100 without that 3 year period) might/would have been replaced because of the cost to repair (?).

Sincere regards,


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