ACDSee Photo vs AlienSkin Exposure X3 vs On1 vs C1 vs......

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ACDSee Photo vs AlienSkin Exposure X3 vs On1 vs C1 vs......

Hi All,

I saw a lot of threats regarding the news of Adobe. I think this is a good time for me to ask a few questions regarding LR alternatives.

I am a wedding photographer. I am using LR (not anymore), Affinity Photo (instead of PS), DXO (got a free version and it is the first RAW Converter software I use in my workflow for lens correction and profile then export DNG), proud owner of PhotoMechanic (no one can beat this software for culling). I am using Window 10. I am also trying Portrait Pro for some of the portrait images that need a special touch.

I am looking for not - a - perfect - all - around software but those that can fit my bills:

1. Decent DAM -> must have. Don't have to be perfect here but just need its good enough to put thing here and there.

2. Lots of available Preset/filter/film simulator ( like LR have VSCO and many many Preset that can be purchased or free download) -> extremely important.

3. A Decent brush that can remove skin's defect or small objects in the images without destroying the images or make that spot look too fake -> importance.

4. Good color grading/tone tools

5. Reasonable price for what it offers.

I tried On1 2017 before when it is just released and get a refund. Lagging and quite slow at that time for me.

Trying C1 at the moment. Like it's color grading tools, 1 of the best in the market so far. But lack of presets (or too expensive) and the software itself is way too expensive (I can still try to bite a bullet but it only comes when I run out of choice). And it is a bit slow too

Never heard of AlienSkin Exposure 3 until today

Heard about ACDSee long time ago since I was a child but never actually use one.

Luminar: no Win version yet and I can't wait.

Lightroom: Out of question

and of course raw photo processor, non-destructive editor FOR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. I need speed, less lagging and just simple to use. 
I have other software and workflow for fine art , boudoir and fashion but it is very slow workflow and different software compare to wedding.

Thank you

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