Computers don't run at Optimum out of the box

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Computers don't run at Optimum out of the box

Why don't computer manufactures have their products run at optimum right out of the box?!!!

Since getting my new computer, it ran slower than expected and hot. So between research and asking in these forums, I've learned to do some of the following:

  • Increased virtual memory allocation
  • Turned off some visual effects
  • Shut of programs with Task Manager
  • Turned off background apps
  • Tweaked advanced power settings
  • Change some browser settings

Most people don't know to do these things and don't even know to just plod along with a computer than runs at sub-par performance, Many of us pay a lot for our computer or why do manufactures play games with us?

These things should be right from the get-go for everyone. You shouldn't need to be tech savvy to have your new device run at it's best!!!!!!!!

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