Canon vs Nikon for Video: Questioning the Consensus

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Canon vs Nikon for Video: Questioning the Consensus

I simply don't understand the general consensus and kneejerk responses that people have when comparing Canon and Nikon for video. Top end Canons like the 5D mkIV can't shoot 60fps at 1080p. My entry-level Nikon can. They also produce 4k at 500mps which is 5 times the file size of any other manufacturer's codec simply because their codec is inefficient, not because it is higher quality. Their 4k is cropped while the Nikon uses the whole sensor. Their video ISO performance is equal to if not bettered by Nikon.

The 3rd Google result for "canon vs nikon for video" yields this gem:

1. Nikon F Mount

On Canon, Panasonic and Sony cameras you have vast selection of lens options thanks to a more flexible flange distant. You can use Nikon glass and tons of other brands/mounts where as on a Nikon, you can never use Canon lenses and others.

2. Settings and Layout

I think Canon and Panasonic cameras have much better menu and button layouts than Nikon. This point is more subjective, but I’ve found that a good deal of shooters agree with me.

3. Not Video Oriented

When it comes to video, Canon, Panasonic and Sony have a lot more experience where as Nikon has been exclusively stills.

4. Many Pro Video Shooters Don’t Use Nikon

I’m not saying that anyone who shoots video on a Nikon camera isn’t a pro. But if you take a look at leading filmmakers and shooters, you won’t find many using Nikon cameras.

I'm not partial to Nikon. I plan to switch to Sony or Panasonic shortly and I like a lot of Canon's lineup. If I got a full-frame DSLR then it's 50/50 Nikon or Canon. But this ingrained groupthink is baffling to me. If I can't take slo-mo on a Canon 5D mkIV that's a huge issue for videographers, no to mention cropped 4k and fumbling the codec resulting in file sizes that would crush RAID arrays. When I bought my entry-level D3300 I still had many people including friends telling me to go Canon, but when I looked up the info for myself, I found that the Rebels couldn't shoot slo-mo at 1080p while the D3300 could, plus a host of points where Nikon straight-up outperformed Canon in entry-level video.

Am I missing something here?

Nikon D3300
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