24hrs to decide - Sony A7ii vs XT-2

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24hrs to decide - Sony A7ii vs XT-2

Hi all,

Always a difficult thing to ask in a brand forum and I'm sure there's a hundred other posts on the subject, but I'll ask for opinions anyway....

I've been increasingly tempted by Sony FF... , for general IQ, DR, DOF control and some quirky features like the Smooth Reflections app.

I currently run an Oly EM1 with many prime lenses and Pro 12-40, a Fuji XT1 with 10-24 and 35 1.4. Both are 16mp and I'm a fairly heavy cropper at times, think I'd value the 24+ mp range.

The Oly has been an amazing performer but I'm pushing it's noise performance and DR (shadows). IBIS amazing and helps keep the need for high ISO down. New Oly gear isn't cheap e.g. EM1.ii and the Pro primes for DOF.

The Fuji is definitely fantastic colour wise, BW, and ergonomics/dials. Lack of IBIS is really being noticed and I struggle with xtrans files in my LR workflow, for landscape - fine detail.

Currently there's a Fuji cashback deal +10% off and Sony is 10% off, until tomorrow.

So my options / questions:

- consolidate to a Sony A7ii + 28 f2 + 55 1.8 Zeiss + 16-35 Zeiss. Will the FF A7ii be a marked notch up in IQ and DR and DOF control? It's fairly dated now, does it actually even match a XT2 (other than having IBIS)?

- upgrade to XT2 for the 24mp, noting still no IBIS which I value a lot and I have actually heard a few still prefer the XT1 for particular reasons.

Today I shot some RAW files at the shop on my SD card with the A7ii + 55 + 35 f2.8. The results are sharp, very sharp. Shadows don't really open much in LR!? Colours also look like it might require much more work in PP than Fuji. Did I say sharp?

My shooting is street, documentary, and landscape (including LE). I only ever use S-AF and never video.

Any thoughts welcome!!


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