Best general lens for 80D?

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Re: Best general lens for 80D?

patientfool wrote:

zman2596 wrote:

Sigma 17-50 2.8 is nice.

Hmm looks pretty interesting and people seem to like it's sharpness. I wonder how it compares to my 18-55. Might give that one a try even though it's pretty cheap. Wish there was an L in a similar focal length for my camera but I guess i'd need to go FF for that.

Be cautious of the Sigma 17-50 f2.8. It "can" be sharp but it is well known to have AF accuracy issues. Do a search here and you will find several threads talking about issues with this lens.

I had one on my 70D and when it got it right, it was nice and sharp, but too often it was not quite right and resulted in a soft or just plain out of focus image. I sold it after a year or two. I also had to try 4 lenses in the shop before I got one that wasn't soft in the lower left corner. Buyer beware.

I would agree with some above that if you want to retain a wider angle capability and have a better EF-S lens then the 15-85EFS is probably your best bet. If you want longer reach then 18-135 EFS. If you are not as fussy about the wide end and want something a little faster at zoom, higher quality and have a thought of potentially moving to FF, then the 24-105L IS EF is a good option (the original version is probably a similar price to the 15-85).


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