Best general lens for 80D?

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Re: Best general lens for 80D?

jjz2 wrote:

BAK wrote:

Listed where?


He means listed on the lens.

Focal length is always exact on the lens, never seen one that isn't.

And if you could mount an 18-55 EF-S lens on Canon full frame, it would be a wide angle lens, just vignette. Some brands you can do this and at some focal lengths it is fine, or won't vignette when stopped down. (see nikon 35mm 1.8dx)

Thank you.

Not a difficult concept. Seems like some people like nit-picking and try to be argumentative

Let me re-phrase for the benefit of those amongst us you struggle to understand simple concepts.

The stated focal length as printed on the lens, the Canon website etc for EF, EF-S and EF-M lenses is always the effective focal length in 35mm or FF terms and any of these lenses fitted to a APS-C or crop frame camera body will need to be multiplied by the 1.6x crop multiplier.

Does that make more sense ?

The point was simple. The OP seemed to be under the impression that his 18-55mm EF-S lens on his 80D gave him an effective range of 18-55mm, whereas the 16-35mm EF lens would give him a range of 16mm x 1.6 to 35mm x 1.6, which was an incorrect assumption.

All clear now ?


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