Best general lens for 80D?

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Re: Best general lens for 80D?

checkmate91 wrote:

BAK's right, think about FLs and "requirements"

Also, look back at your portfolio for the focal length you use the most. I have a 15-85 (which I think is great, incidentally) but now use primarily ef-s24 and ef35 primes and haven't looked back.

I shoot similar. I was using a wider angle but recently got the 15-85 to replace. I was doing too many lens swaps at the 18mm cut off. The 15 end is justttt wide enough where I don't really want the 10-18 anymore. It makes more of a difference indoors where I was using it than outdoors IMO (effective 24mm vs 29mm). The 15-85 is also sharppp, at least my copy, nice bokeh too at close ups. The 15-85 is a chunk of glass though, does not feel cheap, it's solid, 72mm filters, similar to the 17-40L if you ask me in size weight.

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