First and Last Canon Printer EVER -Terrible Customer support

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Re: First and Last Canon Printer EVER -Terrible Customer support

K E Hoffman wrote:

huksywolf wrote:

I understand that it would cost little for Canon sales to honor it and thanks you for showing them the old pages are still lingering around.

But it's not worthy to make too much fuss on this issue; move on.

That could be said about most of the threads on this site. 1/4 stop noise etc Compressed RAW etc. .

Properly trained support people is my personal hot button

Thanks for acknowledging they could have been more professional.. which ultimately is the point. At some point Canon may get a chance to redeem itself. but today they are in my bad customer service dog house

I think this is much ado about very little, and I'd like to hear the version from the other end. But I do think that possibly - POSSIBLY - they should have honored the deal and then made a point to remove the link if it was theirs to remove.

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