Do you know while shooting if a scene will look good in B & W? How?

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Re: Do you know while shooting if a scene will look good in B & W? How?

PGH423 wrote:

I always shoot in color and don't even think about B & W. I do sometimes convert to B & W but often when I look at other people's B & W pictures, I think, "I would have never even thought to try that in B & W." So how do you decide whether to do a picture in B & W or color?

The only things I can add are that sometimes I really like how a blue sky with puffy white clouds looks B & W - especially if I make the blue really dark in Lightroom. This seems to often create a "spooky" look. Also, sometimes things look simpler in B & W. But I'd like to learn more about the topic.

The less "colorful" the scene is to begin with, the more likely I will want to try B&W, particularly if there are some nice angles / shadows / geometry etc.   Also, since I often shoot with my Fuji, I like using the bracketing mode where one press of the button takes three different shots, allowing me to take an exposure in color, one in B&W, and another in one of Fuji's other excellent film simulation filters.   I went to Fuji in the first place because of their reputation for excellent JPEGs with the different film simulation modes.

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