Too confused with my lens. Need some support :)

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Too confused with my lens. Need some support :)


I own a brand new Olympus EM 10 III. My goal is to keep doing street photography but now with a camera and not my phone. There's too much information for people like me (no-pros) to get confused about what lens to choose.

What I own:

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-- 14-42 mm (standard with the camera)

-- 45mm 1: 1.8 45 mm f / 1.8, fixed focal length

Not sure if those are the right lenses for me. As I want to capture street and markets action in very blurred backgrounds.

From what I read, for street photography I should by for my camera the 17mm 1.8.

My budget is limited, so I can just only have 2 lens. What lenses should I keep, and buy, taking in account what I want to shoot:

- Portraits Close-ups with very blurred backgrounds

- Action Shots from workers in the street, markets etc

- Low-Light Photography

Not interested in landscapes, architecture or anything big.
Open to camera suggestions too! As I'm still in the timeframe to exchange mine.

Thank you!!!

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