GX80: 4k video recording settings

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GX80: 4k video recording settings


I just got my GX80 (that's the European GX85) and was wondering what the best recording mode would be for run and gun videos.

I know manual is 'the way to go' but since I capture my 6 year old running around ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfGPENpVL8pLMTcrbYKtTg ) that isn't always the most straight forward.

So as I am new to the system and my video knowledge is limited I'd like to see what settings you guys use, advise, and stay away from.

If I'd want to stick to the 180 rule, my best bets would be to stick to 1/50sec shutterspeed (shooting at 24 or 25p), set my apeture to what I desire in terms of DOF and have the only variable be the ISO. If I understand correctly, shooting with a fixed  shutter speed and aperture but have the camera balance the exposure using an Auto ISO function is not possible? Is this correct?

So my other options would be:

Aperture priority with auto ISO (or a fixed ISO): this would lead to a changing shutter speed mid shot, right? Is there a way to actually see the shutter speed and ISO? That way I could learn which of the two the camera prioritizes, and learn 'how it thinks', how shutter and ISO move around, etc...

Here's a scenario: A mode, and Auto ISO: what shutter speed would the camera suggest (does the camera prefer a fast shutter, slow shutter, does it prefer 50/sec, ...) and which (shutter or ISO) carries the most weight (so which of the two will it change first)

Shutter priority: again, with or without Auto ISO? I read somewhere that  panasonic camera's don't smoothly switch between apertures so this might not be the best?

P mode: no control, so no go

Which focus mode would you suggest? I guess one point with a large surface might be best for running around stuff? Continous AF for when the shoot will include movement, etc..., turning it off for static/framed shots? I know panasonics aren't the best focussing camera's so when doing run and gun shooting a larger aperture might be better to keep it from hunting as much?

I'm using the 12-32 kitlens if that matters.

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to your advice and I hope to have some fun with this camera

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