Time to look for Adobe's alternatives

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Time to look for Adobe's alternatives

My photography post processing is pretty basic, import into LightRoom, rename the folder with the camera name (still like to use a different one from time to time) and with a name to remind me of the event (mostly friends or locations) so that I have a structure like "year-month-day", don't really bother to add any tag since I am not a pro and I am fine with this even tho am starting to add some lately; processing wise I like candid portraits and as such is just some work on the eyes (exposure, whitening), basic (when I am lucky enough with the in-camera results) curves, some "presence", sharpening and vignetting when needed, that's all, so very basic that I don't really think I need LightRoom but started to use it a while ago and my photo archive (70K+ pictures) grew with it and its structure.

I would not mind changing but I know I will loose all the processing I applied already but that's no big deal in my case, sure to adapt to a new interface would be tough but thinking ahead of time might help picking the right tool, I would like to give a test drive to C1 which seems the right candidate, since I am on MacOS which other tool might do it in place of LightRoom?

No, am not into the built in Photo (haven't switched yet to HighSierra by the way) neither into ACDSee, don't ask me why which other DAM would you suggest to test before, eventually, Affinity comes out with their LightRoom alternative?

I am now used to the LightRoom interface, preview and history on the left, center area to edit, bottom for the slides and right for the tools, the browse, develop, print etc (never used  any other than the first two by the way...) and it will be hard to switch but I guess many of us are in the same boat which seems slowly sinking for those who, like me, don't make of photography a business or who simply don't want to have to rely on a subscription or an online/cloud model (I start to get very close to feel a hate towards all being "on a cloud", I would only want my head to be in a cloud for a little while a day but none of my personal data which I know is already there...), I think that in my case Affinity Photo might easily do it in place of PhotoShop (which I have as an old version and make almost no use of it if not to apply some filters just for the fun of it or to crop to printing size because I never bothered to learn to use the LightRoom print module).

At the end, after my usual logorrheic writing, which would be your alternatives to LightRoom and PhotoShop in case you are a simple or advanced amateur photographer?


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