Nikon D850 - Ten Technical Questions

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Re: Nikon D850 - Ten Technical Questions

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8. What is the diffraction limited aperture?

There is no such thing as "diffraction limited." I use the term diffraction impacted because that more accurately describes what happens as diffraction increasingly impacts acuity. It's not as if there is a brick wall limit to how much resolution you have or not as you stop down the lens.

There is a physical limit.

Really? Show it. Here's what I've seen:

That's why it is called diffraction-limited.

Then if we add twice as many pixels per area then you would not see any more resolution because it has been limited by diffraction, but I'm not seeing that. Instead what happens is that as diffraction increases resolution drops off for a given lens and sensor, if the sensor and/or lens resolves more then using a reasonable aperture (most 135 format lenses only go to f/22) you will see more detail in spite of it being impacted by diffraction.

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