Not sure how to use flash

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Not sure how to use flash

That is not my picture, just happened to find it.

TL;DR - When I use a flash on the wife and I, it looks like we've been photoshoped into the image.

So my wife and I travel a fair bit and we have found that people are...a little suspect when we ask them to take our picture. Even when we ask people with the Nikon straps that say D810, we get weird framing and bad focus. Though maybe not having an after market strap should be a giveaway. The point being, that both her and I suffer at communicating how we want ourselves framed in english, let alone in the language of the country we are visiting...

My fix has been to mount the camera on a tripod, and fairly often I will use a flash. The background my be illuminated, we might be to dark, or something is driving me to want to change "our exposure" to match that or be more of that of the environment. Like the above image. I like that I can tell that a flash was used, but that they are part of the picture and are actually there.

When I use a flash on the wife and I, it looks like we've been photoshoped into the image.  Like it looks fake.  And I don't know why.  I have messed around with the flash some, dropping the manual exposure on the flash and/or the on camera flash exposure.

My belief on how the picture above was taken was to meter for the background.  Drop it a bit (I don't know how many stops, but I would guess 2).  Set up the flash, make the flash a little over-powered.  And magic.  A few things which I am doing differently (maybe) is i just drop the exposure compensation to -1.3 from -.3.  I use rear curtain sync.  I don't have a flash meter, so I take lots of shots.

The equipment I have: Nikon D7200, Yongnuo 568 EX II, tripod, remote, and YN-622N.

Based off of the above image, it looks like a separate light was used, a light stand, and a soft box.  All of which I do not have.

How can I look like I am in the picture using my flash.  A few thoughts are:

- Constraint: the flash will be in the hot show, probably.  I know I can't have the look of the light coming from the left (like in the above) without actually having a light coming from the left.  Sometimes I can do off camera flash and set the flash on the floor or something.  But in 3 weeks of travel, not once did we want a picture where we could set the flash on something waist high or higher.

- I could buy one of those 'soft boxes' for using a flash in the hot shoe.  This might fix it, but I feel like there is a technique with how I am flashing that is causing this.

Thank's for your help in making it look like the pictures I was there for, look like I was there for them.

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