Nikon D850 - Ten Technical Questions

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Re: Nikon D850 - Ten Technical Questions

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4. Is there a way to cancel mirror lock-up once it’s been engaged without having to wait approximately 30 seconds for it to time out?

You probably mean you are taking a shot in 'Mirror up' mode which is called 'Mup' on the mode dial: you click the shutter once to raise the mirror, then again to take the shot and lower it.

Thom Hogan, Micheal Reichmann, and Bob Atkins, and Canon all have referred to this as mirror lock-up (or lockup). MLU is a widely understood abbreviation.

We should use incorrect terminology just because some other people did?

I use it all the time.

Not seeing the point, frankly.

The point is it's not "incorrect."

You're using the word "incorrect" incorrectly. What I would expect from someone prepared to use "mirror lock up" incorrectly.

Whatever. Please inform Canon that they are wrong too:

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