PV+OVF+MF Still unaddressed in the D850

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Focus indicator is part of the AF system

ArthurMeursault wrote:

The OP was correct.

Some may find it disturbing that you are referring to yourself in the third person.

AND again this is not about AF behavior.

If you are using the focus indicator, then you are using the AF system, and exposing yourself to a number of AF behaviors and limitations.

You've been operating under the assumption that the focus indication would follow focus shift as the lens is stopped down.  This is not correct, since the focus indication is derived using only rays within the f/5.6 (or f/8) aperture circle of the lens.

If the camera did allow you to keep the focus indicator operational while stopping the lens down, you would quickly discover that the indication does not change with aperture.  That being the case, there is no point in providing a stop-down focus indication.

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