body camera recommendations? for personal safety while photographing urban timelapse

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body camera recommendations? for personal safety while photographing urban timelapse

I had a crazy woman accuse me of being a terrorist in London the other day. It was not a good experience. I want to get a body camera to protect myself against such false accusations.

I'm just a photographer, but she saw the camera and freaked out (and freaked out a lot of people around). I had a DSLR clamped to a railing and was shooting timelapse of the Thames (and boats and buildings in the distance), was wearing a high vis vest (to avoid any suggestion of covert photography), and was not blocking anyone from walking by.

She called the police and told them that I swore at her and was aggressive, and I certainly was not (I go overly polite-Canadian when people come up to talk to me, especially if they seem to be in citizen-crusader mode).

I'm a London resident, and I'm well aware of the current climate here. I'm also cognisant of the relevant legislation governing where and when members of the public can photograph. Unfortunately, many other members of the public are not. This can lead to fear-enhanced accusations, which is what I think happened in this instance (while I can empathise with her, I can't forgive her lying about my behaviour, which I assume she did to make her story stronger).

So, I want to get a body camera, for my own safety. Can anybody recommend one? I'd need one that is light and has a good clip (I'd be clipping it to my jacket), and can record for 8 hours or so (sometimes timelapse photography can take that long) in HD resolution. I'd prefer something that's £200 or less, but I can stretch to more, if the features are worth it.

I don't need any police-level anti-tampering features, and I don't need a "spy camera" sort of thing (I've found many "spy cameras" for sale that are designed to be not seen, and I want this camera to be seen).

I would use a gopro, but their batteries don't last that long (not even close).

Any recommendations? I'd very much appreciate any knowledgeable help.


ps. I'm aware that urban photography can be a divisive issue, especially in cities that have been recently attacked, so I'd like to ask that we table those discussions and, hopefully, come up with some good recommendations for body cameras. Thanks!

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