Nikon D850 - Ten Technical Questions

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Nikon D850 - Ten Technical Questions

Apologies if these topics have been covered elsewhere, but I’m hoping some D850 owners can shed light on a handful of the camera’s finer points:

1. Has Nikon stated what the degree of accuracy is for the camera’s virtual horizon levels?  Other recent DSLRs have claimed -1 to +1 degree, but I couldn’t find this info in the D850 manual.

2. When using Live View at maximum zoom magnification (16x), does the on-screen image become too pixelated for precise manual focusing, especially in low light?

3. When the crop mode is set to 1:1 or 4:5, does the camera still record the full sensor image and thereby allow you to “undo” the crop in post if desired?

4. Is there a way to cancel mirror lock-up once it’s been engaged without having to wait approximately 30 seconds for it to time out?

5. Does the camera feature a sensor temperature icon that will automatically warn you if internal heat has increased to the point that image degradation may occur?

6. Are highlight alerts (zebras) available in Live View when shooting stills, or is this feature relegated to video mode only?

7. Can the “Time” mode be used to set exposure times beyond 30 seconds in-camera, and if so in what increments?  For example, some cameras (such as the Fuji GFX 50S) will allow you to set exposures between 30-60 seconds in 1 second increments, but thereafter you can only increase the exposure by one full stop (i.e. from 1 min. to 2 min. to 4 min., etc).

8. What is the diffraction limited aperture?

9. What is the longest “clean” exposure achieved so far at base ISO without noise reduction on?  I am specifically interested in results at 100%/pixel level, where thermal and other noise issues are likely to become more visible (such as with the D810’s former “white dot” problem).

10. In real world use, has the implementation of the D850’s BSI sensor resulted in any noticeable improvement in image border sharpness?  If so, which lenses seem to benefit the most?

Many thanks!

Nikon D850
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