First and Last Canon Printer EVER -Terrible Customer support

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Whenever someone reports a terrible customer support experience...

Whenever someone reports a terrible customer support experience on this website, a large portion of the replies always look for an excuse for the corporation, tell the OP to get over it, etc. Maybe there is some pleasure in identifying as the CEO of a major company or at least as one of his top sycophants.

Based on the reports here, Canon printers has a terrible customer support unit. Even if the customer is a jerk (and I've dealt with them when I was on the vendor side of things), you do not insult him, you try to resolve the problem. In this case, that could have been an offer to refund the price of the one pack of paper if the customer did not want to buy it alone.

The photo printer corps know they are on top. I discovered that Epson support is equally dense and equally uninterested in learning about a problem with their product or merchandising operation; at least they were not at all nasty as this report indicates about Canon.

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