My GRii (nr. 2) has dust spot. Feh!

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Re: My GRii (nr. 2) has dust spot. Feh!

berni29 wrote:

Hi, I would get a vacuum cleaner and using a suitable adapter attempt to suck air through the camera, most likely through the front control wheel. Maybe around the extended lens if you are careful.

i would also attempt to vibrate the camera. Place it on an iphone that is set to vibrate and call it several times.

best of luck!

Tried both:

Used the vacuum cleaner around the lens barrel. After that the dust spot was still there and I got two more, which I can see from f/11 onwards. Don't ask me how this can happen. Maybe there was dust at another part of the camera, maybe coming inside from the dials and the the vaccum cleaner sucked directly to the sensor. So maybe not the best idea.

I tried vibrations as well. Used an ultrasonic toothbrush, which a generates much higher frequent vibrations than a iphone. I could stuck it directly into the tripod mount, like it's made for and I was quite optimistic. Tried it multiple times... did not help. But it's worth a try.

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